Så sant

On April 29, 2011, in Mina tankar, by Supermadde

En dröm ger tanken vingar


Myskväll med familjen

On April 29, 2011, in Allmänt, by Supermadde

Har myskväll med familjen och insuper all positiv energi som bara går att fås. Och det finns det i överflöd :-)


Make each step in life count

On April 29, 2011, in Tänkvärt, by Supermadde

Your entire life journey ultimatly consists of the step you are

taking at this moment, there is always only this one step.

And so you give it your fullest attention.

This doesn’t mean you don’t know where you are going, it just means

this step is primary, the destination secondary

and what you encounter once there

depends on the quality of this step . . .